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Everything on these freeware pages is free, at least for non-commercial use. Always check the license terms to see what kind of use is permitted. Below you can find some of my favourite free utilities.

@Icon Sushi

Icon extractor and editor


Website Copier




Vector Graphics Editor


Validates Browser Bookmarks


Image Viewer

AMP Viewer

Font Viewer



APNG Assembler

Build Animated PNG Images

Keyboard Layout Creator

Edit Keyboard Layouts


Sound Editor


Scans system for Malware

BTR Wizard

Text Files Find and Replace


Panorama Image Stitcher


E-book Creator

NetObjects Essentials

Website Creator


Gathers System Information

Notepad 2

Text Editor

Cute PDF

PDF Printer


Window Utility

DjVu Libre

DjVu Editor

PNG Crush

Image Compression


Disk Viewer

Exam Diff

File Compare

Smilla Enlarger

Image Enlarger

FTP Commander

FTP Uploader




Name TTF files by Family


File Encryption

Font Properties Extension

Font Properties Viewer

VLC Media Player

Media Player

Genetica Viewer

Generate Textures



Take Care With Freeware

Below is a typical installation dialogue from a link posted with a YouTube video, offering what looks like some reputable freeware. You might think, if you’re smart enough to notice the custom installation option, that you will be able to opt out of the other stuff that you don’t want. However, if you do uncheck the Visual Desktop Weather checkbox, and continue, the installer will install loads of malware or other nasties anyway. Running Malwarebytes after running this installer will find about 1,000 entries for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). That’s a polite way to put it — nobody wants software or browser toolbars installed without their consent. Some may be malicious and quite hard to remove, so always download freeware from the program’s home page if it has one.

Assume nothing, just because the dialogue shows a trusted logo — the crooks who distribute this stuff have no scruples at all, and will try every trick in the book to deceive you. Just do not download anything from untrusted sites. The big sites like FaceBook and YouTube are the favourite haunts for distributors of malware — that’s where they are most likely to find unwary users.

I still fall for the tricks used by some programs. Beware of using any Express Install, it will usually install PUPs. I just removed Auslogics Defrag from my list because it has become a pest.

Page last updated on 01 November 2016