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Catalogue generated on 31-07-2020 11:31:33

My Free OpenType Fonts can be downloaded from my site, which I created in Serif WebPlus.

You may need 7-Zip to extract *.7z archives.

The Linux Libertine fonts include some OpenType features. However, they also use the OpenType GPOS feature for kerning, and contain no kern table, so kerning doesn’t work with PagePlus X8 or earlier.’

The free fonts from SIL (the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc), which is a faith-based charity, are high quality OpenType fonts with glyph coverage supporting a wide range of languages.

The fonts by Pia Fraus are free from personal and educational (non-commercial use). The embedding flag is set to Installable so they can all easily be used on web sites created with WebPlus X8, with the same conditions of use.

The free fonts by Igino Marini are available as Google Fonts and on Font Squirrel. You can learn more about them on his web site.

The catalogue now includes a selection of popular fonts from Font Squirrel. Check the license agreement, file size, and embedding flag to see if they are suitable for embedding on web sites.

Windows System Fonts for Windows 7 are also included. Don't uninstall any of these fonts.